Love Addiction Symptoms

Love Addiction Symptoms is one thing to be madly in love with your partner and quite another to be obsessed with them! Love is a feeling that is enhanced by the camaraderie and friendship. Obsession, on the other side has to do with control and your partner.

Not many people see this, but also a desire for excessive alcohol is called alcoholism and must be treated immediately, an uncontrollable urge to fall in love or are obsessed with their partners, known as love addiction. Like any other compulsive disorder, you also need treatment. The symptoms listed below will help you identify the problem and seek immediate medical attention.

What is love addiction? Look at any healthy relationship which passes through certain stages. The initial attraction leads to appointments and know the common phase. This is followed by a sense of emotional intimacy and the bond is reinforced by sex. The commitment and a shared future are being sought by the two people in love. Now compare this with a love addiction.

In many cases this is a one-sided love. Start A person suffering from an obsessive love can really feel the person involved, without knowing it. The first feelings of attraction is so strong that idolize the addict, the other person begins. The possessed person begins to think that only this person in the world can make him happy. For him, this new person in your life is absolutely perfect, with no clear errors. In love addiction obsessive, does not take much time to lose a person in contact with reality. This person lives in his imaginary world and because of his obsessive, you may experience great suffering, or resort to unacceptable behavior.

Another case of love addiction is what we see in the relationship. If one of the partners so possessive of the other, which makes it almost impossible for others to live free will. The obsessive partner starts to control the lives of others are jealous, without rhyme or reason, and may try to isolate his partner from all the friends and family. Knowing the symptoms is very important so that measures can be taken to have about this relationship problem. These are the most commonly observed symptoms.
A series of failed relationships
The inability to survive without a connection, resulting in a relationship after another
The lack of care, love and care during childhood
A lot of anger inside because of childhood illness
Concealment of sensitivity, emotion and pain of others
A feeling of loneliness and separation of each
The inability to trust anyone
The perception of sex and love as the same basic needs as food
Double Life
The attempt to control others and manipulate
Avoid any problems
With love, relationships and sex in order to compensate for the failures in life, or overcome pain
The will to do, give up or sacrifice to keep everything to a relationship
Maintaining a quiet street, hide the anxiety, fear and depression
Showing a high-risk behavior
Possession of a desperate person
They are willing to enjoy sex for love

Once symptoms are recognized, must begin to treat obsessive love. As a love addiction is a way to overcome their own feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and emptiness, an addicted person should try, in the activities that add meaning to his life dedicated you. Taking the conditions of a hobby and work for people in need are some ways to beat this addiction. Building ties with friends and maintain relationships with family, not only in terms of romantic couples emotional satisfaction will do wonders for love addicts. However, with the acquisition of any mental illness alone is almost impossible. Also, a person may suffer from withdrawal symptoms love addiction to. Therefore, it must be considered definitely going to treat this disorder and to ensure healthy relationships in the future of psychotherapy!
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